Write Dance

Write Dance is our programme for pre-writing and learning to write, using movement and music.
Three Write Dance books, including audio-cd (and dvd, if desired), are available in English:
Write Dance in the Early Years, 2nd edition  
Age range 3-5  
ISBN 978-1-84920-139-1  

Write Dance, 2nd edition


Age range 4-8


ISBN 978-1-84860-691-3




More Write Dance, 2nd edition 


Age range 5-9


ISBN 978-1-4462-0113-8

The books are published by SAGE (www.sagepublications.com).  
For more information (and reviews and previews!) see:  

Write Dance training in the UK?
Please visit the site of Diana Strauss and Nicole Barrons: http://writedancetraining.com